Democratic Party of Shields Township

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Our Purpose

To elect qualified Democratic candidates to office and to develop positions on issues. It shall promote Democratic political activity in Shields Township and encourage broad participation of Democrats in Shields Township.

Shields Township

Shields Township is geographically consist of nearly all of Lake Bluff and portions of North Chicago and Lake Forest.  


Your job as a precinct committeeperson is simple: Find Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters, get them registered to vote and get them to the polls. The office of the precinct committeeperson is the most important position in the entire Democratic Party.

You can also be the most effective person in your area to get out the vote for Democratic candidates. People trust a neighbor, even if they’ve never met you, to give them objective information about candidates. You can pick and chose the candidates you support...or you can support the entire Democratic slate.

Every two years, in the primary election, you may run to be the elected committeeman for your precinct. An elected precinct committeeman is a Democratic Party official at the local level. Once you are elected, you have a voice in what your county Democratic Party does. You are also on the front lines in elections, invited to special events with top candidates and absolutely essential to winning elections! 

If your precinct is currently filled or has not be filled by an elected committeeperson you can be appointed.  Please click here to volunteer.  

Executive Board

Vance D. Wyatt, Chairman

Thomas Rudd, Vice-Chairman

Brian M. Dupuis , Secretary

Anthony D. Coleman, Treasurer

James Sission

Precinct Committeepersons for Shields Township

230 - Vance D. Wyatt

231 - Anthony D. Coleman

232 - James Sission*

233 - Carl Evans*

234 - Sharhonda R. Jones*

235 - Brian M. Dupuis

236 -  Lynette Foss*

237 - Pam Payton*

238 - Mary Jane Brady*

239 - Open

240 - Valerie Steiner*

241 - Open 

242 - Open

243 - Thomas Rudd

244 - Sue Porter*

245 - Anne  Winebrenner*

246 - Open

* This commiteepersons was appointed by the chairman.